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Compares well to others

I compared this content blocker, Handblocker, with two others: Content Blocker+ and Ad Block Multi. I opened a clickbait article on Facebook (Oola, Diply, etc) like "25 people share the moment they realized they wanted to run away and hide because they went into public with no pants on" where each story is on its own page plastered with 30 ads, and tested each of the blockers, one at a time. Results: - Ad Blocker Multi blocked NOTHING - same as no blocker at all - Content Blocker+ and Handblock: both pretty good. Blocked all the ads scattered within the story content I came to see. Block lists and advertisers change over time. I tested these blockers on March 4, 2017.


Very happy. Every time it works.

Buena app

Bloque los anuncios muy bien he probado bastantes apps parecidas y ninguna como está recomendada

حارث السامرائي

و الله برنامج رهيب اي و الله يستحق التحميل 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great app!

It does exactly what it says. I've used some block-ad apps before on my iphone but this is the best. Simple, effective and super easy to use. 5 stars *****

Breaks links.

I've tried whitelisting domains, and this is the only adblocker that breaks links from the app I use the most, slickdeals. The only way to get the links to work was to disable this app, so I think I'll have to uninstall it.

Doesn't work

Still see ads in safari

Doesn't work for me

Ads still show up in safari and FB

Doesn't work

Doesn't work for me, ads still display on safari sites.

Great adblocker

Blocks ads but also some links from YouTube and content from sites. Love the whitelist good for Amazon eBay etc. faster then usual. Great job

Blocks ads

This is one of two apps I have that keep my phone ad free. Recommended!

9.2.1 not working?

It was working great on a site that I use but after upgrading to iOS 9.2.1 it no longer works. Hopefully an update is on the way.

Kinda works

The blocker is able to block elements, but is unable to block all advertisements

please update ad data

site's ads are visible, sometimes

Causes safari to slow down


No effect

Try this on mercurynews. Ads in the top, in the page, and at the footer in safari. Useless.



Very good

I like !)

White list works fine.

Just read the instructions. I wouldn’t have bothered to write a review but the only one that was on here was rating the app 3/5 for not being smart enough to use it, which is pretty annoying.

Did not block sites on BGR

One of the most obnoxious tech sites out there when it comes to embedded and instructive advertising is Boy Genius Report (BGR). It constantly sends visitors to download apps on the App Store, has full-screen ads and overlays, and is riddled with sponsors and ads throughout their articles. I tried this app with good hopes, but a number of their ads slipped through, while others such as Blockr successfully blocked every one of the elements. As an buyer of this app, I'll download again in the future if I see an update fixes the holes in their filter, but for now and for the sake of my sanity, it's uninstalled.


there isnt a very good example of how to create a whitelist setup, so im still figuring that out... doesnt seem to actually be an option afterall... the blacklist feature works great though.

Potential but...

Blocks ads and increases speed. But unfortunately blocks content and lacks the ability to whitelist pages. Cannot view any link on you tube while activated in safari.


doesn't work at all, save your money

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